Welcome to College Students 101

I am going to be broke for the rest of my life. Thanks Sallie Mae.

Welcome to College Students 101

When you leave college, it all comes back to haunt you. From the second you graduate to the moment you move back into to mom’s basement and no longer have to wake up 8:30am for class.

Being out of college? I’m pretty sure it is a bitter-sweet feeling. Bitter because now the real world is starting and you can no longer be a partier but sweet because you don’t have to worry about grades, impressing professors and taking tests anymore.  But the one thing that haunts you back and ruins your life is SALLIE MAE. (dumdumdum)

You learn that Sallie Mae are the two scariest words in the English vocabulary and once you hear these two words, you cringe.

Here are some things that all college students know about Sallie Mae or any loans that we don’t want to know:

–          The moment you sign a promissory note amazingly feels like the worst choice you make in college.

–          To most students it isn’t “graduation day” it is “T-minus six months until I have to be employed”.

–          Looking on your online student account makes you want to put on break-up music and eat a tub of ice cream.

–          Being behind on your loan payment means constant paranoia and turning crazy.

–          Deferment becomes your favorite word.

–          Because you are now broke for the rest of your life, every milestone takes 10 years longer to reach.

–          When you’re way behind on your payments, you become terrified of calls from 800 numbers or emails.

–          It’s not weird to have at least one serious conversation where you consider leaving the

–          country or faking your death to get out of loans.

–          When getting the mail used to be the best feeling, it has now become the worst feeling in the world because you never know what kind of collection agency is coming for you.

–          In some ways, you aren’t scared of the future anymore because you know exactly what terrible things are going to happen to you.




–          We are all in this together, so whether you are a freshman or a senior, this is going to happen to all of us. Most of us are going to have to pay for loans and it is inevitable.

–          DON’T GIVE UP!!


Though student loans are inevitable to get around, I just want to rant a bit about how ridiculous it is that college is this expensive.

Mercy College is one of the cheapest private colleges in New York and I am still taking over $10,000 out in loans just to live on campus and to get a meal plan.

This is a ridicule. I am paying so much money to get an education and to get a career that will take me about 50 years to pay off my loans any way.

There are so many more reasons and another 500 words that I could write about the complaints that I have about these stupid loans and all the time I am going to waste paying off these damn loans.

I personally don’t think of the fact that I am going to be thousands of dollars in debt 6-months after I get out of college because (one) it will give me anxiety, (two) I don’t have time to think about it and (three) what is the point of thinking about it if I cannot do anything about it now.

The lesson I didn’t learn?? Looking for scholarships when I was in high school or even in between the semesters so I could take out less loans and pay less in the future.

Inevitably, I am broke for another 50 years, welcome to a college students life.