The Best Electives On Campus


1. Emergency Care & Personal Safety- HLSC 209

I get it, this class has a scary sounding name but before you get too scared, hear me out. This is probably one of the most useful courses you could ever take. Not only will you learn life saving techniques, but you’ll always have a blast.  This course is a rarity in the sense that it will change your life and after it can improve your job search if you choose to shell out the cash for certification in CPR.  I definitely encourage everyone to take this class especially freshmen who are looking for summer jobs on campus such as the camp that uses our campus every summer. The bonus with this class is that it is pretty self explanatory and if you put any effort into it you will walk away with an A!

Difficulty- 5 You won’t be studying all night but there are hands on techniques you need to know, read the very short book and you’ll be good.

Goof off Factor– 4 You can’t play around in this class but it has a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Lecture Style– Lectures are to the point, hands on learning you definitely won’t be spending time in a desk zoning out.

2.       American Sign Language- AMSL 115sticker,375x360

AMSL is a very popular class on campus, probably because it satisfies two language requirements which is why it’s always closed. However. those who are actually interesting in learning something (which I doubt) will find themselves learning a language that doesn’t require an accent or intricate flicks of the tongue.  Not only will this look great on a job application for BHSC majors, but you will also have the opportunity to communicate with a whole new population of people. Plus it looks really cool. Good luck getting into this class though…maybe Mercy should get the hint and hire some more AMSL professors? …Nah…

Difficulty– 8 The same difficulty as any language class.

Goof Off Factor- 2 There’s not room for bs-ing here, pay attention!

Lecture Style- Same as any language class expect you will be utilizing techniques with your hands

solution-personal-finance-5e-madura3.       Managing Your Money- ECON 200

You want money? Yes you do, we all do and this class will teach you what to do to keep it when you get it. Another class that you can’t slack off in but trust me you need this. This class not only teaches you how to invest but also teaches you what debt is and how not to drown in it. Most of us will graduate with some debt but this class will teach you how to manage it. The amount of things you learn from this class will impact you for the rest of your life. It shows how to invest responsibly, retirement planning, savings, bonds and other financial things any responsible adult should know. You are a responsible adult aren’t you?

Difficulty- 5 You need to do math, I know for most of you that’s scary but honestly if you can’t do this math then you have issues.

Goof Off Factor- 3 You can’t goof off here, sorry to say but what shouldn’t be bored.

Lecture Style– This is a full on lecture and you’ll be taking notes and doing homework. Scary right? Trust me it ain’t that bad!

4.       Newspaper Publication Practicum MEDA-333

I promise this is not a shameless plug, and we actually hate new staff (kidding). Honestly though this is one of the best courses to take. We have tons of fun at every meeting (notice how I said meeting not lecture?) There is just one catch though, YOU HAVE TO WRITE. If you can’t write, well then you better be able to do something good like juggle or bring cookies. Anyway, this is an awesome course because not only are you doing an extracurricular activity you’re also getting credit for it and if you write your stories I guarantee it’s an easy A! If you don’t have friends and you want some really weird ones then try writing for The Impact News.

Difficulty– 9 You think it’s easy writing 2 articles a month and 9 blogs a semester? Try it! It’s probably the most challenging thing you’ll ever do and if you mess up its right there in black and white. FOREVER

Goof Off Factor– 1-10 Depending on if you have your story in then it’s a 10 if you don’t well you’re gonna have a bad time.

Lecture Style– No lectures, just a meeting between colleagues. Yeah you heard me we are colleagues. Fancy, boss, award winning colleagues.

5.       Music Appreciation MUSC-107

You get to listen to music, nuff said right? WRONG! This class will have you listening to classical music and jazz but at the end of the class, you get to talk about your genre and why it sounds good to you. This class allows you to explore music in a whole different way, there are no right or wrong answers only opinions in this class.

Difficulty– 4

Goof Off Factor- 5

Think I missed one?? Comment Below and let me know!