10 Things Not To Do To a Retail Worker


With Halloween being next Tuesday, there is another season right around the corner that every sales associate dreads: holiday shopping season!

That being said, here are 10 things that you should probably refrain from saying and doing especially with tensions running high as the temperature outside drops.

1. Excuse me, do you work here? 

Right out of the gate with a banger! Nine times out of ten the sales associate is wearing a name tag and/or a walkie talkie with an ear piece. Do you think I just made this name tag at home? Or do you think I just like to walk into clothing stores and start refolding an entire table of sweaters?

2. You: Good morning/afternoon/evening, how are you? Customer: *silence*

I’m sure that I’m not the only person that has experienced this. It’s just common courtesy for me to acknowledge you when you come to my register. But let me not say anything, I’ll never hear the end of it.

3.What do you mean it’s not on sale?! The sign in the window says everything’s on sale.

Don’t you love when customers forget how to read whenever it comes to a sale? The promotional posters say that the store is UP TO 50% off. Not everything is going to be at a ridiculously low price, get over yourself.

4. You: Will that be debit or credit? Customer: Debit. You: Swipe your card please. Customer: But it has the chip.

Every store’s POS systems work differently and not everyone is going to ask you insert the chip. I asked you how you were paying for a reason. Are you going to believe me, the person who is behind the register, or yourself.

5. If these jeans are 30% off, how much is that?

Ma’am, I am not a human calculator, and no, I am not uneducated for not knowing the answer to that. There’s a price checker right over there, I’m just here to press buttons and for you to pay for me the items that you decide to buy.

6. *Reaches hand out for money, customer places it on the counter.*

Excuse me, I don’t have cooties. Put the damn money in my hand like I am the dignified human being that stood and answered all of your idiotic questions. Don’t be rude, I’m almost positive you were raised better.

 7. I don’t like that policy and how you guys handle things around here. You’ve just lost yourself a customer.Ma’am I regret to inform you but I still get my check direct deposited every two weeks regardless of whether or not you buy those $40 shoes. By all means, leave whenever you like!

8. *Explains store policy several times* Customer: Can I speak to your manager? 

Sure! I would love to drag my manager away from what she’s doing to entertain but I’ve gotta let you in on a little secret. She’s going to tell you the exact same thing I’m telling you right now! Does the message sound different coming from a higher up? Maybe I’m the one missing something. *shrugs*

9. Five minutes before closing: *Customer runs in*

Our store hours are clearly posted in the store window and even if you aren’t sure what time we close, Google is a beautiful invention, my friend. Don’t get mad when all of the store employees give you the death stare either. You know we can’t leave until everyone is out so don’t even bother trying the clothes on. No one cares if they fit or not, WE WANT OUT!

10. *Item doesn’t scan on the first try* Customer: Hehe, guess that means it’s free, huh? 

If I got a pay raise for every time I had to hear that or the horribly overrated joke about printing counterfeit bills at home, I would be owning somebody’s Old Navy instead of working in one! Nothing in this store is free, sir. You’re more than welcome to try and take something home for free but then you’ll be arrested for something other than buying salmon-colored pants.


While most of these inner thoughts of a retail worker may come off as harsh, you’ve got to remember that you aren’t the first to bug us with these things and you most definitely will not be the last. So in the spirit of the holidays, don’t bug your local sales associate and don’t forget to take our survey for 10% off your next purchase!