Top 10 Places to Visit During the FALLiage in NY

As a foreigner from a tropical place, I believed fall was a phenomenon you would only see in movies; luckily, living in New York, I get to experience all seasons, with fall quickly becoming my favorite. The weather is perfect, just before the winter snowstorm and right after the high and humid temperatures of the summer.


1. Salinger’s Orchard

If you love fall treats, Salinger’s Orchard is the place to go. This lovely family-owned market is located in Brewster. Apple cider donuts! Need I say more? Salinger’s Orchard offers a variety of delicious treats to enjoy from. They also offer; fresh pies, produce, and a variety of apples, peaches, pears, nectarines, plums, and much more. The shop sits on a hill overseeing their beautiful apple farm; you can enjoy fresh apple cider donuts while appreciating the beautiful view of the mountains. A must-see during the autumn season.

2. The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

If you are not a fan of haunted houses but would still like to enjoy Halloween, the Jack O’ Lantern Blaze in Hudson Valley is the place to go, a magical blaze displaying more than 7,000 illuminated Jack-O’-lanterns. This place never disappoints, it does not matter how old you are, this place will definitely have your eyes sparkling.

3. Faraway Farm Alpacas

As an animal lover, my heart screams for Alpacas. The Faraway Farm, located in Yorktown Heights; the farm is open to the public, and you can schedule a visit to meet the alpacas. You will learn about their care and their history. They also offer a shop with a variety of handmade alpaca garments.

4. Bear Mountain Anthony’s Nose

If you are a fan of the outdoors, then you will enjoy the Appalachian Trail hike at Bear Mountain. It is even better during the fall, a day to experience one of the prettiest views overlooking the Hudson Valley. The different variety of fall leaves, plus the mountains and the bridge, will give you a memorable trip and the best of all is you get to burn some calories while doing it.

5. Lyndhurst Mansion

Take the opportunity to roam the rooms of a historic mansion from the Civil War era. This gorgeous memorable mansion is located in the Hudson Valley; they currently have a fall classic mansion tour where they decorate the palace entirely with fall accents. Tickets are fairly priced for this unusual fall experience, varying from $16 to $24. 

6. Hunter Mountain Zipline

 Another great outdoor experience, the New York Zipline Adventure Tour at Hunter Mountain, is considered the highest, fastest, and longest zipline tour in North America and the second-largest zipline in the world. If you are a thrill-seeker and a lover of heights, this is a must. I recommend this zipline tour during the fall as you will get to see the beautiful views and different color mountains.

7. The Great Pumpkin Farm

 You cannot go through fall without going pumpkin picking! The Great Pumpkin Farm is open until the 31st of Oct. Located in Clarence, and the best thing is? Free. You do not need tickets to visit the pumpkin farm during the weekdays. They offer tons of activities for both kids and adults to enjoy, the perfect opportunity to gather your family or friends and enjoy a fall day at the pumpkin farm.

8. Bannerman Castle

Who doesn’t love castles? This Scottish-style beauty overlooks the Hudson River in Fishkill. This castle was built in the early 1900s. If you love historic places, this will make an excellent trip. Located on Pollepel Island, and some boats allow viewers to admire the view of the Hudson River, a different boat tour gives people the option to visit the inside of the castle and offers a walking tour of the island. You can also have your self-guided tour by kayak.


9. Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Take a day to stroll through the Rockefeller State Park Preserve; during the fall, the scenic views of the park will leave you wondering if you are inside of a painting. This quiet and therapeutic park is an excellent choice for those who like the outdoors. You will be surrounded by trees with autumn colors and breathe in the crisp aroma of fall.

10. Central Park  

For city lovers, Central Park during the fall is a must-see. Everywhere you turn in Central Park, you will see different shades on trees, from golden, to red, and gorgeous orange tones. The scenic views are the perfect setting for a picnic, a date, or simply a fall photoshoot.