The Right Hand Man is The Man


From glorified tag team wrestler, Jey Uso has put himself in the discussion as a top singles star being the right-hand man to the world champion Roman Reigns. He has arguably been the highlight of the entire Bloodline story.

Throughout the past three years, the formation of the WWE stable, the Bloodline, is Roman Reigns’ work. The identity of the group is like the mafia. The boss is obviously Reigns with Paul Heyman acting as the consigliere.

The Uso and Solo Sikoa act as soldiers for the storyline, but Jey sneakily has been cast out of the showdown of not only tag team partner but also the Tribal Chief.

This began when Jey became the first challenger to his cousin’s championship. I didn’t have a thought in my head that the former tag team wrestler would dethrone the man WWE wanted to be their top star for the year. I was interested in what the outcome of the two fighting would lead to.

The two emotionally brutal matches these men shared would mark two beginnings. First, it would mark the first family member inducted in the Bloodline. Second, it would be where Jey would rightfully have animosity toward Reigns.

The feud’s purpose was Roman wanting to put Jey in line. He wanted Jey to acknowledge him as the head of the table and the triable chief of their family, but Jey tasted the main event scene and wasn’t going to lie down.

Jey’s twin brother Jimmy Uso was the reason for his brother’s loss against their cousin. In the first match, Jimmy threw in the towel to save his brother from a beating, and the second occasion saw Jey say “I quit”, saving his twin from being choked out by Reigns.

Once Jey fell in line and became the Right Hand Man, I had a feeling that the feud between Jey and Roman forever going to linger. It was suppressed as the group grew and gained more titles.

Roman Reigns obtained the WWE championship while holding the Universal championship. The Usos became a seven-time tag team champion, and later unified the company’s tag titles.  The group also added the tag champs younger brother to the group. Everything seemed to go right for Bloodline.

This was until indie wrestling darling Sami Zayn infiltrated the group.

Jey was opposed to this idea and would visibly show his distaste for Sami. It was great television. The weeks went on and the tension was growing, until all members of the Bloodline, including Sami Zayn, fought in the main roster’s first men’s War Games match. Sami would prove his loyalty to a family that was his and gain acceptance from the one person that didn’t like him in doing so.

Now that there was mutual understanding it was bound for a problem to occur. Fellow indie star Kevin Owens became that problem. This was followed by Sami’s distrust of Reigns and his power.

Kevin and Roman fought at this year’s Royal Rumble premium live event. Of course, Roman’s dominant title reign was still in progress, but the night ended with Sami putting a chair to the compass back and then was kicked by Jimmy, the one who vouched for him since day 1. With zero hesitation.

Jey could do nothing but just yell and walk to the back.

How about that? The person that didn’t like this addition to his family didn’t attack the traitor. The storytelling in this single angle has been the best thing in professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

Jey didn’t make his decision for a while. Roman Reigns put his hands on his right-hand man, so it felt like we could see Jey turn his back on his family. The March 6th edition of Monday Night Raw was when the decision was made.

Jey Uso is about family and his blood and made it a point of emphasis when attacking Sami Zayn, after hugging him and getting a pop from the crowd. A swerve seen across the world.

April 1 is Wrestlemania, and the Usos versus Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the unified tag team titles. Roman Reigns is facing off against Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship.

I think the feud between Roman and his soldiers will start to creep out in the aftermath of these matches. Jey and Roman will pick up.