Kanye is NOT the Next Nelson Mandela

Kanye is NOT the Next Nelson Mandela

The Daily Current published an article today stating that Kanye West said that he was the next Nelson Mandela. The controversial and inflammatory comments in the article set social media on fire especially in light of Mandela’s recent passing.

The only problem is that the rapper never said any of things attributed to him.

How was the Daily Current able to convince everybody into believing that the article was true? Simple they peppered it with Yeezy’s most popular catch phrases and let his history of delusional self aggrandizing do the rest. It was clear that the satirical publication was mocking the rapper but doesn’t it say something about public opinion of the man when people believed the article to be true. Including people who have made careers out of following celebrities like Perez Hilton.

The truth is that at a recent concert in Tampa he pitched a fit and started to rant and at one point allegedly compare himself to Mandela but he has never actually claimed to be the next Nelson Mandela.  He has however claimed to be the next Steve Jobs and the 2Pac of fashion as well as naming himself the current King of Pop. His delusions have also spread to include his baby mama/fiancee Kim Kardashian as he has claimed that she is more influential than the first lady and should have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In defense of West (a position I am taking only this one time) he did not say he was next Nelson Mandela. I hope that all of this has made the outspoken rapper think about how the public sees him and maybe he will watch his tongue in the future but it is doubtfully that he will.