When Will New York Get Another Championship?


I was born and raised in Westchester. I’ve always commented on how I was never a huge sports fan as a kid but I did grow up to love the teams in New York. The Yankees are the team that defines New York since they have 27 World Series titles and a list of players that throughout their history have been recognized for their athletic ability to entertain the world. Everyone in the world knows who the Yankees are since people wear their baseball cap and the Yankees logo with the iconic blue and white striped jersey.

Unfortunately, I can say in my life that I’ve only seen the Yankees win a World Series with my own eyes only once in 2009. But the day will come when we see the Yankees win the championship and see Aaron Judge lift the trophy. I’m only a 30-minute drive away from Yankee Stadium, and tickets are so cheap throughout the season that any seat in the stadium is the best in the house because you can see the game perfectly. What I do love about Yankee Stadium is that they do events throughout specific games, such as Star Wars light on May 4, and give out free bobbleheads, blankets, hats, toys, and more.

I’m not really a huge fan of football because I don’t know how it’s actually played. I do know some rules and some plays that happen but, I generically don’t know the whole entire outline of it. Giants have been the biggest New York team in the past 15 years and won two Super Bowls. I remember watching the 2012 Super Bowl because it was probably the best game I’ve ever seen. Eli Manning will forever remain the only man to stop Tom Brady in two Super Bowls.
2012 was the last year a New York team has actually won something because it’s been a huge decline. The Giants barely make the playoffs, Knicks it’s just being Knicks and the Rangers was probably the last team that has actually made it to the finals. Soccer-wise, it just never happens for Red Bulls or NYCFC.

2020 was the year for Los Angles and Tampa Bay sports. Lakers winning the NBA Championship, Dodgers winning the World Series, Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Stanley Cup, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl. When can we see that happen to New York?

The only team that I see improving is the Yankees. I said it many times that the Yankees team of the past 4 years has been dominant but hasn’t gotten the luck. The ’90s was a great era for New Yorkers. The Knicks had a great team and made it to the finals. The Yankees were winning World Series every year with the “Core 4.” The New York Giants made the Super Bowl in 2000 but lost sadly. New York in the 90s was just simply a great time to live.

Yankee games are always fun to attend but, I always wanted to attend a Knicks game and a Giants game to see the different feelings of fans supporting the teams of a different sport. Basketball is quick movements, and you can’t turn away because you have to see the action. In football, there are always timeouts and waiting until the players make the plays. In baseball, there’s just a lot of waiting. NYCFC was just found recently in 2014, and it took a couple of years to get started into the MLS, but they don’t have a stadium as of now. The stadium they use to play home games is at Yankee Stadium. They play on the days when the Yankees do not have home games.

There have been many proposals to the city of New York to create a stadium for the club but, there isn’t an exact date or location where the stadium could be built. There have many ideas thrown to the city but, one that really shocked me was the club’s idea of making a stadium in Manhattan. If it were to be built, it can attract people from the city to come to see the games and potentially the stadium can hold the big soccer clubs from Europe and have concerts.

Overall, I am optimistic for the New York teams this decade. It has been too long that we have ever seen a team win and the teams have to take that motivation and get their head in the game.