Unity Versus Nationalism


In many different scenarios, the unification of a certain region would be ideal in order to improve the socio-economical aspects of a specific geographical region. However this union has to be accompanied by the same type of believes, traditions and religious background. Middle America or Central America can be divided into two geographical groups: The Central region and the Caribbean region. These two groups are very different from one another and disagreements among traditional believes would be an impediment for a union to occur. 

The Caribbean region in this case, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic are the main two islands (Hispaniola and Cuba) in the caribbean sea. The Central America region is composed by Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize,Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Most of the countries in both regions speaks spanish with the exclusion of Haiti and Belize. There will be no chance for a union to occur within these two regions for obvious reasons. 

One of them is because of religion, most of these countries are roman catholic and the latino community is known for having a strong religious believe to their beliefs. Even though religious freedom in Belize is very respected by the population, conflicts between different point of views will happen.   Haiti is another country with more than one religion and despite the fact that the majority of the population are catholic, there are groups such as protestants and baptist with a considerable amount as well. Two will be language barriers.

Haiti and Belize primary languages are french and english and this will create conflicts for the the rest of the countries. They will have to spend money on education to taught the spanish speaking population english and french. This will raise not only nationalism but also culturalism as a result of the changes due to the “union.” Three is dealing with “third world countries.” People from Middle America are not tolerant enough, therefore it will be hard for them to accept diversity and to respect cultural believes because of the limits in education due to poverty and other forms of social negligence. 

In addition these countries are extremely proud to carry an independent identity, places such as the USA and Europe they are proud too but they work according to their needs as a nation and do not blind themselves over the word patriotism. This is one of the reasons The USA is one of the powerful nations in the world. 

If such “union” takes place it will probably be for these countries to protect themselves against the US military forces. They will never compete against the USA because they need us in order to expand their financial system. America is always there when a country is struggling or needs help, like the earthquake in Haiti on 2010. America, in a way feel obliged to provide aid to them.  When they do so, it shows to them how powerful the US is compared to them. If they unionized it will be with the purpose of being able to use self-defense towards the USA if is necessary.

A lot of these countries fears the immense power the United States has shown over the past year and it will be a smart move to united themselves just in case a war occur or if dominance of power and ambition increases in America. USA is always a step ahead and these countries are vulnerable to respond to the USA unless if they united each other. Puerto Rico will work against them because is part of the USA and it will be much easier for us to watch over the Middle American countries.

The closer USA is to them, the better observation they gain. Therefore a  union among these countries could work just to battle back in case of a war of a form of colonization period against them. I strongly believe that union is strength, however i do not think that Central America should be “the next USA” technically by doing so they are giving up to what they had accomplish on their own and will lose their identities as independent countries of the world. These countries have history and cultural believes which makes them who they are. Puerto Rico is a great example of a country’s identity lost due to the predominance of the American “lifestyle” over the island. In the other hand i agree that a lot of these countries’ problems will be solve if they united with each other, however if that will solve all the problems or even bring more.

I just feel that if Central America wants to improve economically and politically and maintain their identities as the same time, they should united all the countries from Central America (Not the Caribbean) to improve their lifestyle because they are closely alike to one another rather than the island of the caribbean.