“Who Says” Song by the Recording Artist Selena Gomez – You Got Every Right to a Beautiful Life and do Not let Anyone tell you Otherwise.

“Who Says” Song by the Recording Artist Selena Gomez - You Got Every Right to a Beautiful Life and do Not let Anyone tell you Otherwise.

Written By – Kelly Sisco

The Wizards of Waverly Place sitcom star has broken out into singing like most other Disney Channel stars have. In her songs she portrays a much more grownup look and my favorite song she sings is called “Who Says.” This song speaks to a generation who does not want to be anyone else but themselves because they are happy with whom they are. Being proud of who you are is very important in this world where there are people and a society that are trying all the time, to make you into something else. Who is anyone else to judge who you are when they are not perfect and a diamond in the rough as Selena puts it. She states that she is no beauty queen, she is just beautiful the way she is. You do not have to be some outrageous and outstanding person to be considered beautiful. What symbolizes beautiful anyway? Beautiful is someone who loves themself simply for whom they are, with flaws and all. They take the good with the bad because it is the whole package that makes up a person. Everyone has the right to live a beautiful life and she makes that clear in this song.

Selena wants people to embrace who they are and live a life that is beautiful. Many people may tell you that you are not perfect and that you are not worth it but the only person that counts is yourself and how you think of yourself matters more than what anyone else says. The price of beauty is how confident you feel about yourself and how you let your confidence shine will prove to others that you are as beautiful as you believe you are. If you show off beauty and believe in it strongly enough, then no one else can take that feeling away from you.

When Selena asks the question “Who Says” she is asking who is it who really thinks these negative things about you because the people who say these negative things, do not really count anyway. A beautiful life comes from within ones own self. In her music video the key words she sings about are written on the walls and buildings she is standing in front of. Selena takes off her high heels in the first sentence of the song and walks barefoot throughout her entire music video carrying her high heels to make the point that she does not need heels to stand tall and smile. Selena is at a photo shoot posing for the cameras showing the happiness and pride she feels for who is and you can see that in her facial expressions. High heels do not make the girl. They may add a little something like height but what really adds to a person is the attitude they portray. Take off the heels and the mask that is covering up the real you. Too many girls hide behind makeup and would look better if they simply showed off their natural self. These are the words more people should look to when they are feeling down about themselves. Stop hiding behind walls that do nothing but show others that you are insecure. The only person who puts walls, block and barricades in front of you is yourself. So stop putting yourself through that heartache and start accepting you for the great person you truly are or truly can be. Just name one person who told you that you couldn’t be the best and the only person who told you that was yourself. Empowerment is the message that moves this song along to a catchy beat. You can have anything in life that you set your mind to and nothing is out of reach unless you put it out of your reach.

Selena Gomez is totally adorable and towards the end of her music video is in a public bathroom looking in the mirror at herself trying to see what is wrong with her asking herself again is there really anyone who has told her that she will not become who she is set out to become. She sees a wonderful person staring back at her in that mirror and she feels strongly that she can be the best, or at least her best and that is the only best that really matters anyway. She is telling herself in the mirror to listen to herself and listen to the words she is saying so they sink in. While at the mirror she is cleaning her face with a cloth as to get rid of the impurities on her face but there really are none to clean. She looks perfect because she believes that she is her version of perfect. If you feel that you are alone and the only one who is hurting on this subject you are completely wrong.

At the end of her music video, Selena meets up with a large group of young girls at the beach. A beach represents everything pure and a piece of artwork that Mother Nature has created. A beach cannot be changed into something else. A beach is lovely just because it is there for people to experience and enjoy. Let others experience the true you without you regretting anything that you feel could be wrong because nothing about you is wrong. The girls in the video’s end show all different nationalities, body types and all have different things that make up who they are but they come together as one to love each other for who they are without judgment. The girls huddle around Selena giving her big hugs, embracing her message to stay positive. All the girls run into the water to enjoy a carefree time of no worries. Do not let anyone judge you for being you.