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Estefania Salinas
Estefania Salinas is a senior majoring in Media Studies: Radio & TV Production with a secondary concentration in Journalism. She is a passionate news reporter. She loves to get out in the field interviewing students and covering special events. Her next step after graduation is continuing her studies at the University of Miami Graduate School. She dreams to become a news reporter in Miami, Florida.

Estefania is a passionate cook. She loves to spice things up in the kitchen, creativity is very important for the "young latina cocinera". Cooking played an important role in her childhood. Estefania's mother and her abuelita passed down special traditional recipes that have a significant meaning to her. These memories created an unbreakable bond between mother, daughter and abuelita in the kitchen.

Estefania has a heartwarming column called "Cocinando con Este". For all cooking lovers, you'll dive into different traditional Latin recipes that have a significant meaning to the "young latina cocinera".

Estefania can be reached at [email protected]

Estefania Salinas, Impact Staff

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Estefania Salinas